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BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan, July 19, 2018 – TriMas (NASDAQ: TRS) today announced that the United States Department of Commerce has issued a preliminary finding to increase countervailing duties on high pressure steel cylinders imported from China, initiated at the request of TriMas’ Norris Cylinder business, which is part of the Specialty Products group. The preliminary finding increases duties on high pressure steel cylinders imported from China from the current 15.81% rate to a new level of 37.77%, if confirmed in a final determination scheduled for later this year. These duties are necessary to help mitigate subsidies of input steel manufactured in China and provided to local China cylinder manufacturers.

These increased countervailing duties are expected to create a more level competitive environment in the United States and therefore enable Norris Cylinder to continue to invest in its U.S. manufacturing capabilities, and provide its customers with high quality, high pressure steel cylinders. Norris Cylinder is the last remaining producer of high pressure steel cylinders in the United States.

In addition to high pressure cylinders, Norris Cylinder also manufactures low pressure cylinders for storage, transportation and dispensing of compressed industrial gases. Norris Cylinder supplies its products to major industrial gas producers, welding equipment distributors and equipment manufacturers.

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