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Effective January 1, 2022, TriMas has refreshed its corporate logo.

The simplistic, refreshed TriMas logo uses a bold blue color to convey a sense of leadership and trust, while also reinforcing TriMas’ commitment to sustainability by using additional shades of blue inspired by natural elements such as the ocean and sky.


TriMas Logo Pantone


The formation of TriMas dates back more than three decades to an acquisition campaign that began in 1986 facilitated by Masco Corporation and MascoTech. The elements of the new TriMas logo also represent this history, as the name “TriMas” stems from the fact that TriMas was considered the third, or “Tri”, Masco: Masco, MascoTech and TriMas. We have therefore divided the letter “i” into three equal parts representing this history. The three rectangles that form the letter “i” also symbolize our commitment to our people, our environment and our customers.

About TriMas
TriMas, through its TriMas Packaging, TriMas Aerospace and Specialty Products groups, manufactures a diverse set of products primarily for the consumer products, aerospace and industrial markets. Our approximately 3,500 dedicated employees in 12 countries provide customers with a wide range of innovative and quality product solutions through our market-leading businesses. Our TriMas family of businesses has strong brand names in the markets served, and operates under a common set of values and strategic priorities under the TriMas Business Model. TriMas is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “TRS,” and is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. For more information, please visit